Man Forced To Fire Own Son From Lego Assembly Team
Family · Dec 27, 2018 ·

FALCON RIDGE, AZ - Local man George Matley was forced to fire his own son from assembling a LEGO set the boy received for Christmas after he made one too many errors.

Matley sat the boy down and told him his services were no longer required after the son took too long to assemble a minifig the father had assigned to him while the dad did all the real work.

"I hate to see him go, but he was just slowing me down," Matley said as he efficiently slapped together a small-scale model of Hogwarts out of the interlocking bricks. "I asked for the two-er, and he gave me what was clearly a three-er. I told him to assemble the wheels for the Hogwarts Express, and he used the wheels for the Weasley's magic car instead. I told him he needed to pick up the pace, and he started bawling."

"Some people just aren't cut out for the intense, high-pressure world of LEGO assembly," he added.

The father added that his son is going to have "tons" of fun looking at the models once they're completed, but he'll get a strict warning if he tries to play with the set. "He'll thank me later - I'll get the joy of constructing a LEGO set, and he'll get the joy of never playing with it because I don't want him to break something I put so much work into."

The boy attempted to occupy himself by playing with one of his dad's board games, but was quickly scolded as his father told him it was "not a toy."

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