Man Drumming On Steering Wheel In Morning Traffic Immediately Recruited By Worship Band
Church · Apr 23, 2018 ·

TEMECULA, CA - According to sources close to local man Gary Friar, the man began drumming on his steering wheel along with "Oceans" while sitting in morning traffic, and was immediately asked to join the worship band.

An adjacent commuter noticed his talent and phoned up a local megachurch, tipping them off to the rising worship star.

Friar reportedly used every surface available, using the wheel itself as both a hi-hat and snare drum while relegating his toms to his dashboard and his bass drum to his floorboards. The man's skillful percussion performance used the entirety of the makeshift instrumentation throughout the song, with his lightning-fast hands running up and down his 2011 Ford Fusion in a blur of flaming hot drumming prowess.

"Did you see the way he simulated a cymbal crash by slamming a pen down on his coffee cup? This guy's ready for the Show," the tipper said. "He nailed the fill leading into the instrumental - wasn't even phased when that big truck merged on him, just kept right on pounding it out for the Lord." The witness claimed that Friar's "blistering beats" under the pressures and distractions of Southern California traffic indicated that he had the "mental toughness" required to drum along with whatever spontaneous arrangement changes a worship leader could throw at him.

Friar wouldn't state if he was going to accept the position, claiming he had received several offers from local megachurches and nationally known worship bands, and that he wanted to keep his options open before committing to one.

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