Man On Crowded Bus Prays That God Would Show Him His Mission Field

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HENDERSONVILLE, TN—”God, I’m begging you—please show me where you want me to bring the gospel,” local man Zack Trenton reportedly prayed as he sat on a crowded bus for over thirty minutes Tuesday morning, surrounded by dozens of lost souls.

“Here I am, Lord. Send me,” he prayed silently, so he wouldn’t disturb a family of Muslims sitting next to him. “Wherever you want me to go—I surrender all, Lord. I surrender all.”

“Maybe deep in the heart of Africa, or some closed country in the Middle East somewhere—where You go, Lord, I’ll go,” he whispered as the family got off the bus, never to encounter an opportunity to hear the gospel for the rest of their lives.

Trenton reportedly also spent time just silently communing with God, waiting on some kind of sign or stirring of his emotions to show him where God wanted him to serve, but received no apparent answer as two Mormon missionaries sat down in the spot next to him and said “hello”.

At publishing time, Trenton had gotten off the bus next to a nice man wearing a “Proud Atheist” shirt, where he proceeded to drop random pins on Google Maps to see if God stirred any kind of passion for him to share with the lost in any exotic, far-off lands.

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