Man Called To Missions Trip In Remote 'World Of Warcraft' Jungle
Christian Living · Apr 17, 2017 ·

EL PASO, TX - After months of training and leveling up, local man Jorge Mendez was sent out by his local church to be a missionary in a remote, unreached jungle on the southern tip of the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth.

"After much prayer and meditation, I've come to the conclusion that the Lord wants to use me to bring the gospel to the unreached Jungle Trolls of the Stranglethorn Vale," Willis said at his church's sending service Sunday. "The Lord is calling people from every tribe, tongue, and nation, and that includes the pirates of Booty Bay."

Mendez managed to raise financial support for his long-term missions work, including a large network of prayer warriors who will be praying for his safety and protection throughout his journey.

He will be operating out of his mother's basement for the duration of his missions work.

"The Lord laid it on my heart to bring the gospel to a pretty brutal PvP server, so it's going to be difficult, dangerous work," Mendez said as he logged into his World of Warcraft account and cracked open a Bawls energy drink. "Just pray for traveling mercies so I won't get ganked by some jerk high-level player, and ask the Lord to grant me a hedge of protection."

"Seriously, I've almost unlocked the Hedge of Protection ability," he added.


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