Local Reader Thought This Article Was Supposed To Be Satire
Internet · Aug 28, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - According to sources close to a local reader of this article, the regular user of this site thought that this article was supposed to be satire.

Since the satirical content of this piece was simply a slight exaggeration from reality, the user humorously pointed out that it could, in fact, be mistaken for real news, prompting the reader to make the comment.

"Hey! I thought that this was supposed to be satire," the reader posted in the comment section beneath this article on both Facebook and Twitter. "I'd really appreciate it if you guys would just stick to the satire," the reader added later, when the first comment posted didn't get more than 5 likes.

A quick perusal of the commenter's history indicated that they had posted the same comment over 47 times on various pieces published by the site.

At publishing time, the reader had posted that they usually like satire, but this time, the site had gone too far.


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