Local Progressive Church Hosts Informative Q&Q Session
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ITHACA, NY—In order to address the many questions about faith, God, and the Bible that had been brought up over the past several months, self-described “progressive, non-denominational” church Vision Collective reportedly hosted an edifying and informative Question & Question session Thursday evening.

Participants were invited to line up at one of several microphones stationed in the church’s aisles and ask any question they wanted. Then, one of the church’s pastors or other staff members would thoughtfully respond with a more detailed question.

As the night got started, one young man approached the microphone in the center of the room and asked, “How can I know that God is real?”

Smiling empathetically, teaching pastor Jane Razo responded, “That’s a great question. I mean, how can we know that God is real? I’ll even take it one step further—how do we know that any of this is real?”

“So I hope that clears things up,” she finished to heartfelt applause from the audience.

In response to a church member asking what the Bible has to say about sex outside marriage, Justin Fisher, the church’s pastor of social justice replied, “Yes, yes, great question—which brings up another interesting query: what do words mean, anyway?”

When all was said and done, participants said that over fifty audience members were able to have their questions affirmed and re-questioned. The church plans on having another Q&Q session following its annual festival honoring the goddess of autumn.

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