Local Church Unveils Cutting-Edge Myspace Page

WASHINGTON, NC—Christians may have a reputation for being behind the times, but the social media team at Free Grace Church is going the extra mile to change all that. The team, consisting of the pastor and his wife, unveiled a newly redesigned and cutting-edge Myspace page over the weekend.

“One of our core values is doing things with excellence,” pastor Dick Chapman said in an address to the local newspaper Monday morning. “Just because we are called to remain faithful to an ancient book doesn’t mean we can’t engage the culture where they’re at, whether that’s Myspace, Friendster, or AOL chat rooms.” He then offered a brief demo of the page utilizing the church’s overhead projector and his IBM ThinkPad T20.

The Myspace page features a picture of the church that was taken in 2002, a “high-tech looking background with laser-type effects,” a blog from the pastor that sources confirmed he will likely never update again, and an embedded MIDI file that blasts a heavenly rendition of “Crown Him With Many Crowns” when users open the page.

“It’s a big step in the right direction, but we’re not done yet. I’m not letting the cat out of the bag, but let’s just say an official church POG giveaway isn’t out of the question,” Chapman hinted to the reporter.

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