Local Atheist Demands Evidence For God, Besides Entire Universe
Local · Dec 21, 2016 · BabylonBee.com

AUSTIN, TX - Inspired by his latest read-through of Letter to a Christian Nation, which he re-reads religiously, local atheist Tommy Peterson has published a Facebook post demanding that God show him proof of His existence, "besides all the material things that could not have existed without an ultimate cause," sources confirmed Wednesday.

"Without pointing to the millions of blatantly obvious pieces of evidence for His existence all around us, please demonstrate logically how there is some all-powerful God out there," Peterson wrote. "I want to be convinced. Just point to one thing - just one thing - that proves there is a Creator, without talking about creation at all."

"I'm waiting," he added, confidently.

When one of Peterson's friends pointed out that the universe was quite obviously designed, rather than having arbitrarily sprung up from nothing, and that Peterson's own ability to use logic suggested there was a logical mind behind everything that exists, Peterson reportedly scoffed and cracked his knuckles, ready with a reply.

"See, once again, fundie, you can't manage to prove God's existence without resorting to the laughable argument of pointing at all the things that were definitely created by an intelligent being. I feel sorry for you. Next!"

At publishing time, Peterson's challenge to prove the existence of God without using the clues He had left to be clearly perceived by anyone on earth was still standing.


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