Libertarian Man Fulfills Biblical Command To Pray For Leaders By Asking God To Bring Entire Government Crashing Down
Christian Living · Sep 25, 2018 ·

MIRAMAR, CA - In an attempt to fulfill the biblical command in 1 Timothy 2 to lift up one's leaders in prayer, local libertarian believer Stan Marshall asked God to cripple the government and bring it to a swift demise, sources confirmed Tuesday.

"Lord, I just want to lift up our leaders in prayer, that you would give them wisdom and grace, and also that you would bring all governmental activities to a screeching halt as soon as possible," he prayed earnestly. "Just bring the whole thing crashing down, Father God."

He prayed specifically for his local government leaders, that God would providentially deprive them of the "coerced funds" necessary to do their jobs, as well as for the country's national leaders, that the Almighty would ignite a passionate revolution among the people in order to remove them from power.

"Even if you disagree with the people in power, it's a biblical mandate that we pray for our leaders, and I do that by asking the Lord to smite them each and every day," he told reporters. "Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter - we're asked to honor and pray for them, and boy do I ever."

At publishing time, he had lifted up the nation's military, asking that God would dismantle it piece by piece.

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