LEGO Unveils New Genderless Bricks With No Male/Female Connectors
Worldviews · May 20, 2021 ·

BILLUND, DENMARK - As part of its new push toward inclusion and diversity, LEGO has unveiled a new set of genderless bricks without male or female connectors. The entirely smooth bricks have no suggestive male nubs or female receptors and instead have entirely smooth, androgynous sides all around.

"This represents a new era in inclusive building bricks!" said LEGO spokesperson Bjørn Irkestøm-Slater Walker. "Finally -- anyone can play with our LEGOs without being triggered by those horrid male and female parts that imply they're only supposed to fit in one direction. Every brick can stack on any other brick without anyone misgendering anything or making a brick feel bad because it only fits in one way."

"I mean, I guess they're pretty much just blocks now," he admitted. "But they're INCLUSIVE blocks!"

The bricks will still, of course, instantly kill you if you step on them.

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