Lego Introduces First-Ever Affordable Lego Set
Entertainment · Jan 5, 2023 ·

BILLUND, DENMARK — Motivated by worldwide economic stagnation, engineers at Lego headquarters in Billund have developed the first-ever affordable LEGO® set: a single brick that retails for a meager $9.99.

"Finally, a Lego set most people can afford!" said one thrilled parent.

"Wow!" exclaimed every child in the world. "And it comes in such cool colors!"

LEGO® Brick comes in blue.

The new "One Brick" Lego set includes a ten-page booklet detailing its infinite possibilities.

Per the official LEGO® Brick Imagination Guide: "Kids can turn their LEGO® Brick into anything! It could be a table, a chair, or even a chest-high wall for your LEGO® figures to hide behind! (LEGO® figures sold separately)"

"This set is our most ambitious set to date," said Professor LEGO, the mysterious CEO who has rarely been seen by the public. "Now everyone can enjoy the fun of LEGO, not just very wealthy people like me."

To save costs during the manufacturing process, the new set forgoes popular license tie-ins such as Star Wars or Jurassic World in favor of the power of imagination. To get kids started, a tie-in graphic novel was produced that sets up a world made out of plastic in which bricks live as hermits. The graphic novel retails for $34.95.

At publishing time, sales of the LEGO® Brick set have exceeded demand, causing prices to surge in excess of $1,000.

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