LeBron James Invokes Imprecatory Psalms Against Curry, Warriors In Postgame Interview
Sports · Jun 11, 2016 · BabylonBee.com

CLEVELAND, OH - Reeling from the Cavs' 118 - 113 loss in game 3 of the NBA Finals Wednesday, LeBron James closed his eyes and began vocalizing various imprecatory Psalms during the postgame interview, appealing to God directly into the microphone, asking him to utterly destroy the Golden State Warriors and their leader, Stephen Curry.

Not generally known as a man of outspoken faith, James was unabashed as he quoted several war Psalms he had reportedly memorized for such a desperate occasion, imploring God to have no mercy on the reigning champions and their stud Curry, who turned in a 26-point performance Wednesday. When a reporter asked for an explanation, the Cavs' superstar noted how well "the whole Bible thing" seems to be working for Stephen Curry.

"No team has ever come back after being down 0 - 3 in the Finals, and our opponents have not lost four in a row since 2013," he explained. "Smite the Golden State Warriors in your fierce anger, Lord."

Asked about the possibility of Golden State becoming the first team over to go undefeated in the entirety of the NBA playoffs, James spoke Psalm 58:6 into the mic, asking for God to "break their teeth in their mouth," before shifting over to Psalm 69 and naming Stephen Curry, praying, "Let his eyes be darkened, so that he cannot see, and make his loins tremble continuously."

LeBron wrapped up his press time by noting to reporters that the Book of Jeremiah mentions his enemies by name, before quoting Chapter 50, verse 36, invoking "A sword against the Warriors, that they may be destroyed."

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