Landscaper Accidentally Trims Church's Hedge Of Protection
Church · Apr 7, 2016 ·

KANSAS CITY, MO - The leadership team at Blue Valley Baptist Church confirmed Monday that an employee working for Westside Landscaping inadvertently trimmed the hedge of protection church prayer-warriors had painstakingly prayed around the property, potentially exposing the church and its members to demonic attacks.

The mishap reportedly occurred sometime on Saturday afternoon, when the company sent a maintenance team to perform the usual weekly lawn and planter upkeep. According to a statement released by Westside Landscaping, the incident was entirely accidental - the apparent result of sending a new and untrained crew member to the property.

"We profusely apologize for the error," the statement read in part. "We will work with Blue Valley Baptist Church's team of prayer-warriors to repair the hedge of protection as soon as possible."


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