Kirk Cameron Hires Stunt Double To Say Cuss Word For Him In Upcoming Film
Celebs · Jun 13, 2018 ·

LOS ANGELES, CA - Upon learning that an upcoming film in which he's starring requires his character to say a mild cuss word, Christian actor Kirk Cameron confirmed in an interview Wednesday that he has hired a stunt double to say the line instead.

While Cameron normally won't consider doing films with even mild language, he agreed to this particular picture as long as he was allowed to have someone else do his cuss work.

"My agent found a great stunt double, Heath, who just does excellent work saying all kinds of low-grade cuss words," Cameron said on the morning show. "They did some clever camera editing, cutting away just after I say 'What the - ' and letting Heath work his magic." He further said that there are Hollywood stunt doubles who will say "upper tier" cuss words, but they're a lot more expensive to hire for your film.

"Heath allowed me to focus on my deep character work without having to compromise my principles," the actor added.

At publishing time, Cameron had confirmed that he had converted his stunt double to Christ using the Way of the Master evangelism method, forcing Cameron to begin the search for a new stunt double to perform any future bad words.

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