King James Only Pastor Leads Congregation In Chant Of 'Knoweth Joe Biden!'
Church · Oct 22, 2021 ·

CACTUS HILL, AZ - Pastor Fred Wilkinson, a King James-only pastor in a rural Arizona town, reportedly leads his congregation in a chant every Sunday morning, wanting to join in on the 'F--- Joe Biden' chant trend sweeping through sports games, concerts, and churches across the country. 

But his chant is slightly different, opting for the proper King James phrase "Knoweth Joe Biden!" instead.

"Let us all standeth and joineth together in the traditional chant," Wilkinson (thee/thou) said as the organist played "Softly and Tenderly". "Knoweth Joe Biden! Knoweth Joe Biden!"

Some church members complained about the crassness of the word "knoweth," and Pastor Wilkinson has reportedly agreed to change the chant to "Let us goeth, Brother Brandon!" next week.

All seventeen of his church members joined in. You can't see it on a live stream, because they think a live stream is a creek full of water, but you will be able to read about the chant on their website in five years.


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