Kids On Summer Vacation Immediately Regret Telling Mom They're Bored
Family · Jun 17, 2019 ·

EL MONTE, CA - The Grasmick kids, Amy and Aiden, just recently got off of school for the year and began their long-awaited summer vacation.

Amy and Aiden made a rookie mistake, however, after being on summer vacation for less than three days: they told their mom they were bored.

The pair immediately regretted this decision after Mrs. Grasmick quickly assigned them a whole list of chores.

"Oh, bored, are we?" she said. "That's great news! Amy, come over here and help me with the dishes. Aiden, hun, why don't you get started on the baseboards?" The mother then happily went about her business, doing laundry, watching her favorite shows, and whistling as her kids helped with the chores.

"We've made a huge mistake," they told reporters as they tried to figure out how to fire up the lawn mower.

At publishing time, the kids had announced that they believe they'll be able to avoid boredom for the rest of the summer.


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