Judge Asks Jurors To Disregard Maxine Waters As She Pours Gasoline On Their Heads
U.S. · Apr 19, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - County Judge Peter Cahill has issued final instructions to the jury ahead of closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial. As part of his charge to the jury, he asked them to please disregard Maxine Waters as she walked among the jurors pouring gasoline on their heads. 

"As the jury, you are charged to be fair and impartial," he began. "Please pay no attention to the fact that you've just been soaked in gasoline. Please also ignore that Representative Waters is now standing behind you trying to light a match. In addition, please disregard the crowd of masked Antifa holding pitchforks right outside the door."

Maxine Waters has made it clear to the jury that they must issue a "guilty" verdict if they don't want to be doxxed, threatened, fired from their jobs, or peacefully set on fire.

President Biden also weighed in, suggesting packing the jury with more members to ensure the correct verdict. 

"So far, things are going pretty well for us," said the prosecution.

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