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Joyce Meyer Pulls Fire Alarm To Distract Audience From 1 Timothy 2

WICHITA FALLS, TX—In a major faux pas for the female preacher, Joyce Meyer misspoke at a local Bible conference Tuesday, mistakenly telling her audience, “Open your Bibles to First Timothy, Chapter 2,” when she was supposed to say Second Timothy, Chapter 1.

It took her a matter of seconds to realize her mistake—and the grave trouble she had gotten herself into. Sources at the scene confirm that Meyer then screamed out, “Hey, look at that!” while pointing toward the back of the building. When most of the audience turned around to see what she was pointing at, she reportedly dashed across the stage in an age-defying sprint, leaped over a row of chairs, and forcefully activated the building’s fire alarm, causing the ceiling-mounted sprinklers to unleash a torrent of water on attendees, triggering an immediate evacuation and effectively preventing them from reading Paul’s teachings on female leaders in the church.

Pressed to explain the incident, Joyce Meyer Ministries issued a statement, which read, in part, “This organization disavows all knowledge of any so-called ‘first letter to Timothy.’ After decades of studying the Bible, Joyce Meyer confirms that the Apostle Paul wrote a second letter to Timothy, and no others.”

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