Jen Psaki Walks Back Claims That She Ever Worked For Biden Administration
Politics · Apr 1, 2022 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Jen Psaki circled back one last time this week to announce her retirement as Press Secretary for the Biden administration. Responding to several pointed questions from the press, she then challenged the idea that she ever worked for the administration to begin with.

"We need to walk back this notion that I ever worked for or represented the Biden administration," she said to Fox New's Peter Doocy. "To be honest, I was more like an unpaid intern. I really didn't do anything here. I am in no way associated with Biden or his policies or the consequences of his policies. I would say, and the President agrees, that any assertions to the contrary are unfounded."

"But Jen, come on!" retorted Doocy. "Didn't you run interference for the Biden administration for over a year, repeating his lies and distortions while his policies wreaked havoc on the country? I was here watching you the whole time!" Doocy was then pelted with spitballs by the other reporters in the room and ran out sobbing.

"We'll circle back to that question," said Psaki.  

According to sources, Psaki will make a move to MSNBC, where she will represent the people who tell Biden what to do.

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