James O'Keefe Infiltrates Woke Daycares By Disguising Self As Baby
Celebs · Feb 29, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

NEW YORK, NY — Whether he's putting on a beanie and pretending to be a gym rat or putting on a false nose and glasses and pretending to be gay, James O'Keefe is a true master of disguise.

But his latest undercover disguise is blowing everyone away: O'Keefe reportedly dressed up as a baby and set himself on the doorstep of a local New York daycare to expose the woke indoctrination that goes on in there.

"Goo-goo ga-ga!" said O'Keefe after ringing the doorbell and putting himself back in his custom-made carrier. A daycare worker came out and brought him inside before feeding him a bottle and putting him down for a nap. "Aren't you a heavy one!" she said.

"OK, I'm in," O'Keefe said into his walkie-talkie, which was disguised as a rattle. "Time to put our plan into action. As soon as they come to change my diaper and bring us all out for playtime, we'll see what kind of woke nonsense is going on around here." He activated his binky camera and got ready to film his latest massive exposé.

Daycare workers were completely unaware that O'Keefe was actually a 39-year-old man, thanks to his incredible character work pretending to play with blocks, crawling around on the ground putting random objects in his mouth, and crying intermittently for no reason at all. Finally, the moment of truth came: storytime. A daycare worker pulled out a copy of Heather Has Two Mommies to read to the babies, and O'Keefe knew he had gotten the footage he wanted.

He slipped away from the group, unscrewed a ventilation grate with a toy screwdriver, and made his escape.

At publishing time, O'Keefe had confirmed that in his next video, he'll dress up as the Chick-fil-A cow to see if there's any funny business going on in the popular chicken sandwich restaurant.

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