Is Your Man Thinking About 'Dune'? 11 Signs To Look For
Entertainment · Mar 14, 2024 ·

Ladies, we've all been there; you're trying to spend time with your man but his mind is clearly elsewhere. Why isn't he staring at you at this exact moment in time? Could it be Dune: Part Two?

Look for these warning signs:

  1. He says, "I am thinking about Dune. What a good movie.": He might be thinking about Dune.
  2. He's wearing those piercing blue contacts again: Girl, he's only got eyes for Shai-Hulud.
  3. Your "Eat Pray Love" sign got replaced with a "Fear is the Mind-Killer" sign: It might be true, but he still should have asked.
  4. He suddenly loves sand even though it's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere: That is so unlike him.
  5. Computers have been banned from your home: And someone called a "Mentat" keeps following him around. You thought they were friends, but he just keeps asking the guy questions he would previously have googled.
  6. He tries to command the dog using the Voice: On the bright side, Professor Scruffles is finally housebroken.
  7. He goes door to door asking neighbors if they've heard the good news about Muad'Dib: They haven't.
  8. The family Bible is now orange for some reason: And he won't shut up about the Butlerian Jihad.
  9. When Fernando Tatis Jr makes an incredible game-winning catch for the San Diego Padres he reverently whispers, "Lisan al Gaib!": He's not wrong.
  10. Constantly invokes the Tahaddi Challenge to settle disputes: He's been arrested three times.
  11. Sighing, he gazes thoughtfully out the window while sipping a cup of coffee: Oh dear, there's only one thing he could possibly be thinking about — the dunes of the desert planet Arrakis.

If your man is showing even one of these signs, he's thinking about Dune and you're out of luck. But be warned, even if your man is exhibiting none of these behaviors, he's probably still thinking about Dune.

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