Infographic: Deadliest Disasters Of World History

It's easy to get caught up in the daily death totals of COVID-19. But we have to keep a proper perspective. It's important to remember that there were far worse tragedies throughout world history.

To that end, we had our interns search Bing* for "What are the deadliest disasters in world history?" We compiled the results into this handy infographic. So the next time someone starts to fearmonger over the Coronavirus outbreak, just whip out this handy chart and hand it to them -- from six feet away, of course. Maybe make a paper airplane and throw it at them, just to be safe.

You are welcome.

*Just because they like Bing, OK? It's not like you have to be sponsored by Microsoft to like Bing. Sheesh.

Breaking: PayPal Now Available

Many of you told us you wouldn't subscribe until we offered PayPal as a payment option. You apparently weren't bluffing, so we finally caved and added PayPal. Now — like the unbeliever faced with God's invisible qualities displayed in nature — you are without excuse.

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