Nation's Men Finally Washing Hands Even When No One Else Is In Bathroom
Health · Apr 10, 2020 ·

U.S. - The men of our nation have begrudgingly agreed to wash their hands even when no one else is in the bathroom.

Men have traditionally washed their hands but only if someone else is there to see if they washed their hands or not. But they say they'll increase their vigilance in the midst of this pandemic and start washing their hands even if other men aren't there.

"Fine, fine -- just for the next month or two, we'll wash our hands even if someone else isn't there to witness it," said Fred Paulson, 27. "Even if I'm the only one in the whole building, I'll wash my hands, OK?"

"I'll do my part to prevent the spread of this infection."

They are still just washing their hands by running water over them for a few seconds and then shaking them off, however.

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