Inconsiderate Jews Continue To Be Alive Against Palestinians' Wishes
World · May 10, 2021 ·

JERUSALEM - Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired rockets toward Jerusalem this week, sending a clear message that they would like all the Jews to die. In spite of this clear message, inconsiderate Jews in Israel continue to be alive. 

"Seriously-- It's insanely rude," said Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. "We have been very clear about our dreams of driving Israel into the sea until every last Jew is dead, but they refuse to compromise with us. How can one answer such impoliteness, except with more rockets aimed at Israeli civilians?" 

President Biden has reprimanded Israel for being so mean, calling for them to compromise with the Palestinians. "Look folks-- shalom and all that. C'mon! Don't be so rigid! Don't be so stubborn! What Hamas is asking for ain't that hard! Do all of you Jews have to stay alive all the time? That's just not reasonable!" 

Israel responded to Hamas rockets with airstrikes, which critics say is a slap in the face to Palestinian leaders who wish to shoot rockets in peace.


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