Doctor Criticized For 'Smoker Shaming' After Telling Man He Has Lung Cancer

BEVERLY HILLS, CA—Dr. Michael Vo of the Beverly Hills Institute for Lung Cancer Research has been heavily criticized for "smoker shaming" after informing a patient he has lung cancer due to decades of smoking cigarettes.

"How dare this doctor suggest I need to change my unhealthy lifestyle!" said the patient before hacking up a lung. "We need to dispel the hurtful myth that people can only be healthy if they don't inhale large quantities of smoke, nicotine, and chemicals every day. This is my lived truth: we can be healthy at any smoke level."

"Oh no -- it's coming again!" He then coughed for a solid 45 minutes before excusing himself for a smoking break.

Dr. Vo has been put on administrative leave as the medical center investigates his "hurtful words" that harmed the patient's self-esteem and suggested that he needed to change his habits or very soon suffer a painful death. Experts say smoker shaming is all too common in the medical community, with thousands of doctors callously informing patients they are objectively unhealthy, despite them feeling healthy while they suck down cartons of cigarettes each week.

Sadly, the patient died shortly after. The county coroner has been fired for smoker shaming after hatefully listing his cause of death as lung cancer.

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