In Order To Stop White Men From Legislating Women's Bodies, Democrats Fight To Overturn Roe V. Wade

U.S.—Democrats want to stop white men from legislating women's bodies. So they have come out against Roe v. Wade, and have vowed to do everything to overturn it, after finding that the decision was made by a Supreme Court made up mostly of powerful, white men.

"It is time that we stop letting white men legislate on reproductive issues, and that's why we're declaring Roe v. Wade null and void," one activist said at a rally in Alabama. "If you don't have a uterus, you don't get a say, so the decision that effectively made abortion a constitutional right is invalid."

She then led the protestors gathered in a chant: "No vagina, no ability to declare abortion a human right!"

At publishing time, Democrat activists had redoubled their efforts after learning the decision was made by a Republican-appointed majority.

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