In Lieu Of Sermon, Paul Washer Glares At Congregation For 43 Straight Minutes
Celebs · Mar 31, 2016 ·

BOSTONIA, VA - Bostonia Baptist Church scheduled missionary and preacher Paul Washer to guest speak on Sunday, but the church of 500 may have gotten more than they bargained for. In lieu of one of his renowned expository sermons, Washer elected to glare angrily at the congregation for a full 43 minutes before closing in prayer, sources confirmed Thursday. As the choir's final strains of Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee faded throughout the sanctuary, Washer stepped up to the pulpit, took a drink of water, and launched into his carefully-prepared cold, angry, silent stare.

"It was powerful," 21-year-old Ryan Worthington recalls. "When he got to his second sermon point, which consisted of a slightly more aggressive and tortured facial expression, I broke down weeping as I realized that Christ offers me His own righteousness instead of my filthy rags."

Near the end of the sermon, Washer's gaze was reportedly so convicting that a congregant called out, "Amen!" but was instantly rebuked with a scathing death-glare from the preacher, causing the man to run out of the room, sobbing. No further responses from the crowd were reported for the remainder of the message.

Washer has reportedly been invited to preach at the church again next month.


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