In Historic First, WNBA Player Comes Out As Straight

PORTLAND, OR—In a development that many are calling the most stunning and brave thing to ever happen in the world of sports, a WNBA point guard has come out as heterosexual.

The player, Megan Frederickson, has been playing for the Portland Fire for the last four years. She's broken many records over her short career, becoming the first player to score three baskets in a game, the first player to go over sixty seconds without a total air ball, and the first player to play a whole game without bursting into tears. She even got a record twelve fans to tune in to one of her games.

But now, she's shattering her most significant barrier yet, becoming the first out heterosexual player in the league.

Frederickson came out to her fans and teammates in an emotional video posted to TikTok Thursday.

"I was staring at myself in the mirror and I suddenly realized I just can't hide who I am anymore," she said. "I have to be true to myself. I can't pretend to be a lesbian anymore just because it's what's expected of me. I'm sick of this homonormative culture in this league. It's time for me to really be me."

Frederickson's wife is broken up but says she understands and supports the player's choice to live out her truth in a heterosexual relationship.

CNN is currently combing through her social media history looking for old racist tweets.

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