Op-Ed: I Have To Write This Quickly As The Taliban Is Breaking Into My Building But Biden Is Doing A Great Job
Op-Ed · Aug 27, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

This is going to be shorter than usual, as I have a very tight deadline since I hear the Taliban breaking into my building, but I just have to say what an excellent job President Biden has done during the evacuation of Afghanistan. The withdrawal has really emphasized that he was the right man for the job.

Sure, maybe a few Americans got left behind and some places - like the building I'm in - got quickly overrun by the Taliban. But think of all the people he did get out. And look at all the buildings that don't have the Taliban going through them door-to-door with guns in hand. Well, I can't see any from my window right now - and I think I need to get away from the window and hide under a desk - but many things have gone smoothly thanks to Biden's steady leadership.

Now, it might be hard to see the larger picture over the shouting and gunfire just below me, but this operation has gone about as well as it possibly could have. And what has gone wrong, such as the Taliban now entering my floor, just emphasizes why we needed to leave.

Okay, they're knocking on my door now, so I need to type really quietly, but think of this: Can you imagine what a nightmare this would be if Trump were still in charge? He'd just be yelling and shouting threats instead of the calm, almost completely hands-off approach we got from Biden. Biden knows not to overreact and -

They've broken down the door. I'll have to end this here. And all I have left to say is that I can't even imagine how this could have gone any better.

Someone please feed my cat.

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