Man Receives Coveted 'Husband Of The Year' Award After Running A Little Bit Of Water Over Dish He Used
Family · Apr 8, 2021 ·

STEVENSTON, OR - Local man Kyle Manning received the coveted husband of the year award after he ate a bowl of cereal, put it in the sink, and quickly ran some water over it before leaving it for his wife to actually clean.

"I'm no hero -- I was just doing what any husband should do," Manning said proudly as he received his trophy and a commemorative plaque, plus a 10% off coupon to Bass Pro Shops. "I just saw that big stack of dishes by the sink and thought to myself -- what would Jesus do? Jesus would put water on his bowl for a few seconds and then set the bowl down on the stack for his wife to get to later."

Manning's wife, Destiny, hasn't gotten an award yet, but Manning says he's confident she'll get a trophy one day if she just tries hard and believes in herself.

"I'm sure she'll get an award one day. She cleans the whole house multiple times a day, does all the dishes, and takes care of all the laundry," he said. "I mean, she's not quite up to my level of straightening up for a few minutes once every week or so or getting one of my socks halfway to the hamper sometimes. But she's still pretty good."

At publishing time, Manning had been shortlisted for next year's award after he helped his son out with one math problem.


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