Hillary Clinton: 'Trump Must Stop Fueling Dangerous Conspiracy Theories About Our Elections Being Unfair'

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After escaping from her underground padded room designed to look like the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton called on Trump to concede the race and stop fueling conspiracy theories about the election being unfair.

The woman who has screamed about Russia stealing the election from her in 2016 lashed out at Trump for saying voter fraud stole the election from him in 2020.

"He is undermining faith in our democracy!" she shouted as she ran from aides, having gotten out of the underground bunker cleverly designed to make her think she is president. "What if people listen to him? Their trust in our systems will be eroded!"

"Haha. HAHAHA. HHAHAHAHHA!!!" she cried. An aide tried to tackle her, but she nimbly dodged out of the way [satire] while screaming that he is a Russian agent. "Get away from me, servant of Putin!" she shouted.

Finally, they were able to take her down with a large net designed for giant lizards.

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