Hateful Man Culturally Appropriates Entire Plate Of Nachos
Health ยท May 26, 2017

PHOENIX, AZ - Local hate-filled bigot Jim McDean eagerly participated in the evil, senseless act of cultural appropriation on an unsuspecting Nachos Del Grande dish at his favorite Mexican restaurant, restaurant patrons seated near the man confirmed Friday.

Horrified onlookers reported that McDean callously consumed the plate that did not originate with his own European heritage in less than fifteen minutes, destroying another shred of Mexican culture with every vengeful bite of the delicious plate of carne asada-topped deluxe chips.

At publishing time, reports had indicated that the culture-murdering man had left a generous donation in the tip jar on his way out before saying, "Adios!" to the helpless workers, who felt compelled to smile and wave in order to appease the monster who was madly swerving all over their lane.


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