Hamas Awarded Nobel Peace Prize For Releasing A Few Of The Children They Kidnapped
World · Nov 27, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

OSLO — The Norwegian Nobel Committee has announced the recipient of this year's Nobel Peace Prize will be Hamas, for their valiant efforts to release a few kidnapped children in exchange for several terrorists.

"The humanity, compassion, and kindness of this act are inspiring to us all," said a Nobel Committee Spokesperson Ingrid Haugen while presenting the award to a Hamas fighter wearing a vest strapped with c4 and ball bearings. "Hamas didn't need to release these orphaned Israeli child colonizers after slaughtering their parents in front of them, but they did. We could use more tender goodwill like this in our world today."

Human rights groups around the world were quick to praise the genocidal terrorist organization after they released 17 of their 250 hostages in exchange for a long enough ceasefire for them to hide all their weapons in a new children's hospital. "We live in dark times," said Haugen, "but the brave mujahideen of Hamas have restored our faith in humanity."

Hamas took home the coveted award after receiving more votes than runner-up nominee Florian Mibbs, a Portland college student who tore down posters of kidnapped Israeli children on her campus.

At publishing time, Hamas had also been nominated for a Nobel Prize in Physics for their pioneering work in converting water treatment pipes into rockets.

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