Groundbreaking New Late Show To Exclusively Make Fun Of Conservatives
Entertainment · May 17, 2019 ·

NEW YORK, NY - Producers at NBC have seized on an opportunity after noticing a dearth of late-night programming that makes fun of conservatives. To capitalize on this void, NBC is launching The Really Late, Really Left Show, a brand-new late night talk show that will boldly poke fun at conservative ideas exclusively every night at 2:35 am.

"We noticed there was almost nobody in the late-night space that would make fun of Republicans or President Trump," said producer Darrell Hanaby. "There's a huge opportunity here. Why isn't anybody entirely making fun of the right? Why is everybody just being so fair and balanced in their comedy? Why are late-night hosts so hard on the left? These questions led us to create The Really Late, Really Left Show."

Hosted by up-and-comer Barrett Carson, the show promises at least two-dozen jokes about President Trump, several skits and gags making fun of the right, and zero jokes about liberals every episode.

"The content of this show should help distinguish our program from the competition," Hanaby said.

Carson will provide softball interviews to anyone on the left who has a progressive cause they want to champion, desires to launch a presidential campaign, or wants to sell their books. Carson promises not to ask any difficult questions or disrupt their progressive narrative while they're on the air. The show will host a right-winger on occasion as well, but all questions will be "gotcha questions," according to producers.


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