Google Rep Issues Heartfelt Apology For Anti-Conservative Bias While Wearing ‘Kill All Republicans’ T-Shirt
Politics · Sep 13, 2018 ·

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Google has released a video in which one of the company's representatives apologizes for anti-conservative bias, as revealed in a recent video obtained by Breitbart.
The representative issued a heartfelt apology toward conservative Google users while wearing a "Kill All Republicans" T-shirt throughout the video.

"We are so sorry that you fascist, conservative ingrates had to see that," he said. "We want Google to be completely free from bias, even against Republicans who need to die violent deaths for disagreeing with us. That's what inclusivity is all about."

"It's our mission that everyone be included, even hopelessly backward conservative people that we'd like to exterminate from the planet," he added, before confirming that the company is in fact close to a breakthrough on technology to do just that.

At the end of the video, the representative smiles warmly and assures Google customers that the company will continue to strive for unbiased products and services, before the footage cuts to him beating a Trump supporter to death with a Chromebook.

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