Google Maps Introduces New ‘Most Ridiculous Route Imaginable’ Button
Tech · Sep 9, 2022 ·

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Google has introduced a new ‘Most Ridiculous Route Imaginable' Button to its flagship navigation app, Google Maps. The button went live to users this afternoon.

"We are really excited about this feature," said Leader of Google Maps team Jen Fitzpatrick. "A lot of our users have complained that the routes suggested by Google Maps are too convenient and sensible. Our users always come first."

Morgan Stanley tech analyst Padeep Singh sees this new feature as a clear response to threats from other apps. "Google is seeing competition from Waze and Apple Maps," said Singh. "This is a direct response to that competition, particularly from Waze, which is a leader in ridiculous routes."

Goldman Sachs tech analyst Stanley Edwards echoed Singh's sentiment. "Google was not the first search engine, and they know second movers can always displace them. Making routes more elaborate and ridiculous is sure to help their stock price. Perhaps quadruple it."

User Ben Jacobs was excited about the new feature. "I usually take the highway to work, but the new button sent me down sixteen side streets, through two churches, and a guy's living room. I saved three minutes." However, some users are not so thrilled. "Women can't drive," said another Google user, Patrick Hamilton. "I like the feature, but I am worried that the team is led by a woman."

This is a busy time for Google, as the company is expected to roll out a new search feature next month, rumored to be a button that produces "the least related result possible."

Kyle Mann was just minding his own business, when- BOOP! A wild Gender Fairy appeared!

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