Report: God The Father Has Been Telling Everyone Dad Jokes For All Eternity
Theology · Feb 19, 2020 ·

HEAVEN - According to sources from on high, God the Father continues to insist on telling everyone in heaven dad jokes for all eternity.

"Hey, do you know how you can tell that I like baseball?" He reportedly asked God the Son shortly after creating the universe.

Jesus sighed. "How, Father?"

"In the big inning! Get it? Ha!"

Nobody laughed. But the Father was just getting started. "Hey Jesus, remember when we created everything under there?"

The only begotten Son replied "Under where?" causing the angels to burst out in laughter.

When Cain committed humanity's first murder, the Trinity was watching from on high. "Hey guys," the Father said. "Why couldn't Cain please God? Because he wasn't Abel!"

He also made a joke about how Abraham and Isaac built a computer together and God provided the RAM.

"Hey, guys, who else besides me doesn't have any parents?" the Father asked at one point during the conquest of Canaan.

Michael the archangel rolled his eyes: "Who?"

"Joshua Son of Nun! Classic!" The Father also confirmed He named Joshua Son of Nun specifically so he could tell that joke.

This has been going on for all eternity, according to sources, and reportedly will continue for all eternity future.


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