God Condemned For Forgiving Racism
Theology · Jun 8, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - God, the creator and ruler of all existence, has once again come under fire, this time for His practice of forgiving all sins. Apparently, God makes no exceptions on the sins he forgives, so that means he also forgives racism, something many modern people find unforgivable.

"It really helps perpetuate white supremacy that God will forgive racism instead of condemning people for all eternity for it," said progressive Christian Russell Tyler. "I can see forgiving lying, murder, sexual morality (which should never have been a sin in the first place), but forgiving racism is just beyond the pale."

While many people are hunting down and condemning people with even the most tangential relationship with racism, like Ellie Kemper, activists feel God is undermining them by forgiving full-on KKK members and Nazis.

"While we were told that 'blasphemy of the Holy Spirit' is unforgivable, no one even knows what that is," says CRT advocate Timothy Cannon. "The unforgivable sin should be racism-- since it's the worst sin ever-- as modern society has determined. God needs to make it clear there is no coming back from that."

God so far has remained silent on calls for Him to repent for forgiving racism, though activists make it clear that if he did apologize, they would not forgive Him.


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