Actress Ellie Kemper In Hot Water Again After Photos Emerge Of Her Using Aunt Jemima Syrup
· Jun 8, 2021 ·

ST. LOUIS, MO - Actress Ellie Kemper is facing scandal once again after photographs emerged of her using Aunt Jemima maple syrup, a product that has troublesome racist ties.

According to experts, Aunt Jemima syrup is extremely racist due to the fact that it has the likeness of a smiling black woman on the logo, and white ally experts have all agreed that having the likeness of a smiling person of color on marketing materials is extremely racist. 

Kemper responded on Twitter with a vague statement denouncing racism in all its forms and promising to "be better."

"This new revelation about Ms. Kemper is shocking and disgraceful," said Al Sharpton in a public statement. "The only way she can redeem herself and be absolved of her racist sins is to release a carefully prepared public statement written by her publicist apologizing for using Aunt Jemima syrup. She then must make a large donation to my organization, the National Action Network. Only then, can she be allowed back in polite society."

Several BLM founders disagreed, insisting that Kemper should release a statement of apology and then donate to BLM instead. 

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