Denny's Draws Huge Lines With New Anti-Fascist Omelette
Health · Jun 1, 2020 ·

U.S. - Denny's, the popular American breakfast diner franchise, has come up with a brilliant marketing strategy that has people lining up for miles: the Anti-Fascist Omelette. "Buy it now! (Unless You Support Fascism)" the campaign reads. 

"When we realized that you could literally call anything anti-fascist and people would just jump on and support it, we knew this omelette would be just the menu item to bring sales back up after the coronavirus dip," said Denny's marketing executive Steve Hasel. "It's not even good. It has a little bit of cheese and whatever the cook sees nearby, whether its a couple of onion skins or a loose band-aid. But it doesn't really matter what it is or what it's made of. The point is, if you don't eat it, you support fascism, and that'll ruin anyone's appetite."

"It's pretty simple," said Gabriel Luna, one of the many customers waiting in line to order his omelette. "The omelette is anti-fascist. It's right there in the name. I am going to eat as many as possible because there's nothing I hate more than fascists." 

With the success of the Anti-Fascist Omelette, Denny's is working on an entire menu of items you must eat otherwise you are a racist Nazi including the "Anti-Racist Moons Over My Hammy" and "Anti-Rape Biscuits And Gravy."


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