Gavin Newsom Sneaks Into Grace Community Church At Night To Steal All The Hymnals
Church · Aug 16, 2020 ·

'Twas the night before Sunday, when through GCC, 
No Spirit was stirring, for those gifts had ceased.
The hymnals were nestled all snug in their pews, 
For J-Mac was coming to preach the good news. 

Then in crept Ol' Gavin, with loathing and spite
To snatch up those hymnals, in the dead of the night.
He went one by one, threw each one in his sack 
From the very first pew, to the one in the back. 

Then Newsom he laughed, such a terrible laugh,
And said, "This will cut their dumb service in half!"
"No worship, no singing, they'll cry and they'll scream!"
"That will teach them for messing with COVID-19!" 

But poor Gavin was shocked, when to his dismay
He heard the church singing, the very next day
He heard high notes and low notes, horns, violins,
For the old folks had memorized all of the hymns.

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