Fox News Reporter Grills Trump In Hardball Interview: 'Why Are You So Great?'
Politics · Jun 20, 2018 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A Fox News reporter was able to catch up to President Trump on the White House lawn earlier this week, and immediately began to grill the president in an impromptu, hardball interview, asking the controversial commander in chief tough, pointed questions like "Why are you so great?" and "Is it difficult for you, being so amazing?"

Pundits from virtually every U.S. news network agreed the interview was one of the most brutal they've ever seen, with the Fox News reporter relentlessly roasting Trump on how great he is on everything from the economy to immigration.

"How do you sleep at night, knowing you're the best president in our nation's history?" the hard-edged reporter growled, getting into Trump's face in the tense, confrontational encounter. "Honestly, you make me sick with your unparalleled leadership and fantastic policies. I just want to puke when I think about how wonderful you are."

An uncomfortable Trump attempted to respond to the questions by saying he's just doing the best job that he can, but the interviewer refused to take any of his answers at face value, instead cutting the president off to interrogate him ruthlessly on his spotless record and impeccable character. "How dare you suggest you're anything less than perfect, Mr. President. HOW DARE YOU!"


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