Food Review: Ketchup—A Complex, Well-Crafted Culinary Delight
Lifestyle · Sep 9, 2021 ·

I'm not usually very picky when it comes to what I'll put in my mouth - except when it comes to food. If I don't like the look of it or the smell of it or if I just feel I'm not getting enough attention, I will throw it. But there is one delicacy I've discovered that I will almost never toss: ketchup.

Is ketchup the perfect food? In my multiple years, I've certainly never encountered anything better. Tangy. Sweet. A beautiful color. A pleasing mouthfeel. Also, a pleasing facefeel when I spread it all over my face. Now, often I'll eat it by itself, but it also combines so well with other foods. I've dipped so many things in ketchup -- french fries, corn chips, pretzel sticks, blueberries, my sippy cup, and whatever is in reach of my high chair -- and it enhances the flavor of everything.

That's why I demand ketchup now at every meal. If I am ever seated to eat and there is no ketchup, I will make my displeasure known. I am a connoisseur; I only want the best, and that means ketchup with everything. So just bring it over, and leave the bottle if you know what's good for you.

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