Deranged Conspiracy Theorists Worried Leaders May Build A New World Order After Leaders Say They're Building A New World Order
World · Sep 9, 2021 ·

SYDNEY - Unhinged conspiracy theorists are going crazy today, peddling wild accusations about tyrannical world leaders wanting to build a "New World Order", just because tyrannical world leaders are openly saying they want to build a New World Order.

"Yeh, that's totally what we're doing, fair dinkum," said New South Wales' chief health officer Dr. Kerry Chant in an address this week. "We're building a New World Order where every single person will be tracked and monitored around the clock so they can be imprisoned for even the smallest infractions against the state - you know, for your safety and stuff."

Fact-checkers have emphasized that even though world leaders have openly pledged to build a New World Order, any belief that world leaders are building a New World Order should be considered a debunked conspiracy theory because world leaders are not really building a New World Order because fact-checkers say so and also since "New World Order" is just a humorous expression world leaders use when they're joking around to take their minds off the stress of building a New World Order.

Australia's Prime Minister has since declared that any dangerous conspiracy theorists caught talking about a "New World Order" will be detained in a New World Order camp until the New World Order is done being built. 


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