Flight Attendant On A Boeing Gives Presentation On What To Do In The Unlikely Event Of A Safe Landing
U.S. · Apr 18, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

DENVER, CO — On American Airlines Flight 9947 from Denver to Atlanta, flight attendant Kimberly Glover gave an updated presentation on what passengers were to do in the unlikely event of a safe landing of their Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

"In the unlikely event that our plane makes it to Atlanta in one piece, here is what we will do," Kimberly began. "The wheels will touch down on a runway and the pilot will taxi the aircraft to a terminal. Once the aircraft comes to a complete stop, the seatbelt light will turn off and then we can each unbuckle our seatbelt, stand up to grab our bags from the overhead compartment, and orderly disembark by rows starting at the front of your Boeing 737 MAX aircraft."

"I know it's an unusual situation, but we need to be prepared for anything in the age of commercial flight," continued Kimberly. "Please watch the video demonstration of what disembarking from an intact Boeing passenger jetliner looks like on the screen in front of you now. If you need to review any of these items, please see the information pamphlet tucked into the pocket of the seat in front of you and don't hesitate to ask a flight attendant near you if you have any questions."

"And hey, if we make it to the ground in one piece, maybe the flight attendants will break out some of that champagne we normally keep for first class so that everyone can celebrate, won't we?" Kimberly joked, getting some chuckles from the passengers.

"Thank you for flying with American Airlines and trusting today's Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to hurtle you through the sky 6 miles up at 600 miles per hour."

At publishing time, American Airlines reported that the new presentation was a huge success in preparing passengers for any rare safe landings they might experience.

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