FBI Arrests Notorious Art Thief Who Illegally Right-Clicked And Downloaded An NFT
Entertainment ยท Dec 22, 2021

NEW ORLEANS - The notorious art thief, Maurice Vaux, was apprehended Wednesday by the FBI after illegally downloading an NFT and saving it as a PNG file.

Vaux was wanted in over 10 countries and pursued relentlessly by authorities after pulling off art heists at the Louvre in Paris and the Vatican. In the end, he was tracked down by the FBI as he had failed to use "incognito mode" while committing the crime.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a recent trend, mixing the joy of art and the confusion of cryptocurrency. Each NFT is unique somehow and can be sold for millions of dollars for some reason. NFT thieves are a growing concern as they can immediately devalue by copying and pasting them millions of times.

Vaux is currently being held in federal prison with other art thieves. Bail has been set at three NFTs depicting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles riding bicycles.

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