Father Suffering From Bizarre Medical Condition Where He Can Never Hear Screaming Kids In Own Home
Family · Apr 5, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

FLINT HILLS, TX - Carrie Cobb noticed her husband, Matt, has an unusual hearing problem: When he's at home, it's as if he can't hear the kids yelling.

"Just the other day, the kids were fighting upstairs and screaming," Carrie explained, "and I said to my husband, who was downstairs on his laptop, 'Are you going to do something about that?' And he just looked at me all confused and said, 'Do something about what?' It's like he couldn't hear them at all."

There have been many other incidents. One day last week, their baby was fussing while Matt was reading a book, and he claimed he didn't notice it at all. Other times, the children have been mere feet away and yelling at each other, and he hasn't reacted in the slightest.

Their doctor is baffled. "There's no explanation for it," Doctor Albert Rice said. "He passed normal hearing tests. I guess if the kids are bothering his wife, she'll just have to handle it."

The hearing problem has expanded, though. A number of times, Carrie told something to her husband while making eye contact, and he later claimed to have not heard her.

With the medical community unable to help, Carrie has taken matters into her own hands. Throughout the day, she sneaks up behind her husband with an air horn to help train him to react to loud noises and vows to continue until he is cured.

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