Family Takes Weekend Vacation To Guest Room
Family · Mar 27, 2020 ·

ORANGE, CA - After becoming a bit bored with being cooped up in their house, the Palmer family took a weekend vacation to their guest room. "It's just nice to every so often have a change of scenery and expand the mind," said Colleen Palmer.

The trip to the guest room was pretty uneventful,  the two kids only complaining once on the way there. The parents took the bed, and the kids slept in sleeping bags on the ground. The Palmers spent the next day exploring the attic, which the kids described as "neat."

"Yeah, it's weird," said Kent Palmer, describing the attic trip. "We spent all this time in this house and we've never been... except that time we put some boxes there."

Overall, the Palmers described their weekend vacation as "cheap" and "about the only thing available when avoiding a deadly pandemic." And while they had a good time, afterward they said they were "happy to sleep in their own beds."

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