Even Introverts Kinda Starting To Miss Church Greeting Times
Church ยท Oct 5, 2020

U.S. - Introverts across the country have reluctantly admitted that they're actually kinda starting to miss church greeting times.

As lockdowns in many states continue and churches are prevented from gathering, introverts across the country have reluctantly admitted they kind of miss the greeting time. They say they would go through any kind of church meet and greet imaginable just to be able to gather with the people of God again on Sunday mornings.

"Honestly, I'd suffer through the meet and greet, just to worship Jesus in person again," said one local introverted woman via text message. "I'll shake hands. I'll even do a full-frontal hug. I don't care. I just want to worship God with the people of God."

"I want to sing songs and hear the Word of God preached, and if that means I have to get a hug from the weird lady in the big hat, so be it."

Introverts say they were probably too harsh on greeting time before. "Yes, we made fun of it and said how much we hated it, but it was a love-hate kind of thing. I'm more than ready to go back and shake a way-too-cheery church greeter's hand."


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