Evangelical Mistaken For Mormon After Treating Everyone With Kindness, Respect

POCATELLO, ID—Local evangelical Dillon Schwarz was mistaken for a member of the LDS church on Friday. Witnesses say Schwarz was showing others a level of kindness and respect they had generally associated with Mormons.

"He was so nice, I was trying to figure out why he wasn't wearing a white shirt and black tie," said Carol Jennings, of the witnesses on the scene. 

A man approached Schwarz and told him that, despite all that weird stuff about the polygamy and the seer stones and planet Kolob, guys like him were A-OK in his book. At that point, Schwarz cracked open a cold Pepsi and asked him what he meant by that. The man was floored. "I thought you were one of those door-to-door Mormon guys." 

Schwarz told the man that he is a member of Grace Sparrow Charismatic House of Everlasting Worship, not some cult. He then rode away on a bike, further confusing bystanders.

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